Lincoln’s Lost Legacy: Priceless Relics Resurface ; Rare Penny List

पुढील 11 April भागासाठी येथे क्लीक करा

Rare Penny List Over the past few month some truly fantastic coins have been offered by Great Collections.  
One such piece was this 1955 doubled die obverse Lincoln penny. A tremendous example of this,  
one of the most renowned variety coins known. With it’s extremely bold doubling  
on the obverse where the date, as well as the letters of both “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD  
WE TRUST” achieve full separation due to the counter-clockwise rotation between hubbings.
Not only t hat, but this coin is graded as MS65 Red by PCGS. Placing it at the  
top of the census report with only a handful of coins known to be finer. Rare Penny List

The Penny: This is the most common coin featuring Lincoln. It’s been in circulation since 1909, the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. The obverse (heads) side of the penny features Lincoln’s portrait designed by Victor David Brenner.

At auction this coin managed to close with a final price of $47 250.  
The next coin is a spectacular modern mint error. What is known as a mule in numismatic terms,  
is a coin that is made with the reverse and obverse of two different coins. In this case  
the obverse of a Statehood Quarter. Paired with the reverse of a Sacagawea dollar coin. As a  
result it is also a double denomination error. 

One dollar on the reverse and a quarter dollar  
on the obverse. To make a peculiar coin denominated at a “buck twenty five”.

This mule was first discovered in the year 2000 and in the interceding  
two and a half decades fewer than two dozen additional examples have since come to light.
The current example was slabbed by PCGS as MS66 and at auction it was sold for $194 062.50  
One of the most sought after coins in the Buffalo nickel series is the 1918 D 8 over  

Rare Penny List

7 overdate variety coin. A spectacular variety where the overdate can hardly be described as  
subtle. Yet despite this the first published account of it can only be found as late as 1931. And it would take several more years before it received widespread recognition.
As a result most examples found today are well circulated in grades well below VF.  
So then you can imagine how exciting it is to see a coin like this in a grade of MS65 + From  
PCGS. And a clear reflection of it’s rarity. Bot absolute and conditional, is the final price that  
it was able to secure at auction of $511 875. A coin that sometimes, and somewhat unfairly, gets  
overshadowed by the Saint-Gauden’s double eagles of the same year.

I s the 1907 Indian Head gold  Eagle. Notable as the first full scale production eagles to show the new Saint-Gaudens designs. What we see here is an example of the tremendously rare 1907 rolled Edge eagle  
with the periods flanking the denomination of TEN DOLLARS on the reverse. Though this  
coin had an original mintage of 32 500 coins. 32 450 of those were again melted  
down before they were released for circulation. 

Leaving a total of 50 coins for distribution.
This example was graded by PCGS as MS65+ and at auction it attained $589 500.

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